Our friend, blogger, and social media influencer, Daniel Reyes shares his experience with Botox at North Medical Spa.

“Many friends will already know, but I opted to get BOTOX™ for the first time ever. Before you start jumping to conclusions (like I know I used to when I heard that word) I wanted to take a minute to dispel some myths about this hot-button topic, and to tell you why I will continue with treatments now that I have had a first-hand experience supported by medical professionals and fact.

As a 34-year-old man, I have to admit that the stress of life can sometimes take their toll on me. Though the “glamorous” side of this all is what you see online via our social media, there are also endless hours staring at a computer screen. Meetings, financials, legalities, late nights and early mornings. Not to mention trying to balance the responsibilities of my personal life. And yes, I have some incredible beauty products, but sometimes I wished I could look just a little more refreshed. So when I was presented with the opportunity to have a BOTOX™ / XEOMIN™ treatment, I have to admit I was curious, albeit apprehensive.

Prior to my complimentary consultation – something I encourage you all to do – I had my preconceptions about what this would do to my face. I didn’t want to “look plastic.” I didn’t want to look forever surprised. I wanted to be able to express emotions. All of these thoughts ran through my head, and now that I look back, I think these are all preconceptions that many of us have. But why is that?”

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